An overview of some of our current projects

February 2016

Stage 1 (Lean) improvement program at a Dutch test developer
Start leadership and culture development program at a cardboard factory
Start training courses consulting skills at an ICT service provider
Team development projects at an administration firm and a transport company
Training courses project management at a lottery
Sales optimization program at a maintenance company
Training courses performance management at a transport company

Our inspiration

Inspired people. Lean operation. Continuous growth.

What people do and how people work in organizations is determined by what they have to, what they are allowed to and also by what they want to do and can do. At GrowGroup we have a sacred belief that if people are allowed to do more, really want to do something and when they can do more, they will do things even better with more fun.

More and more organizations recognize this and allow their people to do more, give them more decision-making power. Self-management is becoming a popular concept, because this leads to more commitment and responsibility. If people are allowed to do more, they often want to do more. After all, it is more fun to work on your own goals, the things that inspire you, than on the goals that are made up by a manager. And it also leads to better results! If people meanwhile also are becoming more able to do things, if they are continually evolving and if the organization is constantly improving itself, then there will be an unprecedented energy. Have to becomes want to and stress becomes 'flow'.

At GrowGroup we feel that this is the direction in which organizations will develop in the coming decades. And that organizations that will adopt this the fastest will be the most successful ones. We use our broad experience as leaders of improvement and growth to help our customers walk the path of sustainable growth.

Our promise

Sustainable improvement
"I never thought we could do so much better"

Sustainable and integrated, that is our improvement approach. No short-cuts or high-blown consultant's talk, but concrete actions in the workplace, invented and implemented by the people that work there. We are convinced that sustainable improvements are only possible with all four mentioned building blocks in place. We provide training, coaching, advice and support to help you do it yourself. We inspire, educate, explain, facilitate, energize and reflect. Do you want to do more than hiring a consultant or providing an occasional training? Do you really want to unlock the full potential in your company? Do you want profound and sustainable growth? Then you are the customer we are looking for!

  • Inspired people

    Shared vision; true commitment; focus on mutual goals; inspiration and fun

  • Lean operation

    High quality; efficient processes; focus on customer value; Lean and Agile way of working; true collaboration

  • Continuous growth

    Growth of co-workers and management; focus on and learning to improve; striving for perfection

  • Integrated approach

    Improving by using an integrated approach of inspired people, Lean operation and continuous growth!



Active since 1998, we were helping many organizations of all sizes to improve. Here is an overview of a selection of our customers:

Binck; Blinker; Boemer Rental Services Group
Cito; CNV; DAF Trucks; Dataland
De Haagse Hogeschool; Eiffel; Eska Graphic Board
ICM Opleidingen & trainingen; IFS; Intersafe
Geodis; Getronics; Ordina
Nationale Postcode Loterij; Outbox
PPG Coatings; Rabobank; Sealed Air
SKS Legal; Talent&Pro; T-Systems; VB Leasing
Vos Logistics; Welten